SLPL '19 Tutorial for Picking a Roster

Tutorial for Picking a Roster


You pick five (5) pitchers who you think will throw the most strikeouts and give up the fewest home runs; you pick ten (10) hitters you think will hit the most home runs and strikeout the fewest times. If you aren’t creeped out or offended by the thought of it, you also pick five living Hall-of-Famers you believe might not be alive by the beginning of next season.

The Details

Picking Pitchers and Hitters
To pick pitchers and hitters:
  1. Review how points are scored here.
  2. Review last year’s performance. For hitters go here. For pitchers go here. Remember, for hitters you want a high home run : low strikeout ratio. For pitchers you want a high strikeout : low home run ratio.
  3. Come up with an initial roster of five pitchers and ten hitters, then check to see if any of them are currently injured. For current injuries go here.
  4. Adjust your roster as needed.
For step 2 above, some owners go a step further and review current year projections to see who might have breakout years, who might be sleepers, or who might be dogs. If you are serious about winning, Google “2019 fantasy baseball projections.” Keep in mind, though, that most of those fantasy projections don’t follow our scoring approach to fantasy baseball, which is solely around home runs and strikeouts, so don't put any stock in the anticipated slugging percentage or stolen bases.

Picking Hall-of-Famers (Optional)
This one is a bit easier — or perhaps queasier, depending on your perspective. If you are game to bet on the eventual deaths of Hall-of-Famers, pick five Hall-of-Famers:
  1. Review the Hall-of-Fame Death Pool rules here.
  2. Review the list of living Hall-of-Famers here.
  3. Select five, roulette-style. So, select five HOFers. Or, select one HOFer five times. Or, select one four times and another one once. Or, select one three times and another two times. Or, select one three times and two others once. Any combination of five is what we are looking for here.
Remember, because of the way we score this death pool, the younger the HOFer is at death, the more points he earns you.

Ready to Submit Your Roster?
When you are ready to submit your roster, use his form. Then, pay using this form.

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