SLPL '19 What You Can Win

What You Can Win

Because we don't know how many owners we will have or how many paid trades they might make during the season, we don't know what the final payouts will be. What we do know, though, is that we pay every dollar we collect out to the winners. We also know that because owners pay up front we have the dollars to pay champs at the end of the season. We further know what we paid out last season … and it was a lot:

Dividing the Pot

Finally, we know that we have paid out big bucks since this podunk league got started back in 1733. Just since 2001 alone we have paid out over $48 grand to champs. Check this out:

2001 Total Pot - $233
2002 Total Pot - $2,110
2003 Total Pot - $1,631
2004 Total Pot - $1,925
2005 Total Pot - $3,675
2006 Total Pot - $3,335
2007 Total Pot - $2,590
2008 Total Pot - $2,265
2009 Total Pot - $2,830
2010 Total Pot - $2,685
2011 Total Pot - $2,910
2012 Total Pot - $2,900
2013 Total Pot - $2,460
2014 Total Pot - $2,300
2015 Total Pot - $3,430
2016 Total Pot - $3,650
2017 Total Pot - $3,920
2018 Total Pot - $3,780
Combined Pots - $48,629

This ain't chump change, you know?

Special Note

The Regular Season Champ and the Overall Champ will NOT be eligible to win any of the other payouts (see The Sam Clause below). This means that the next most-deserving teams for the other categories that the Regular Season Champ and the Overall Champ lead will be declared winners of those categories. So, if a team is declared the Overall Champ after scoring the most Hitting Champ points and winning her Division, she will win the monies for the Overall Championship but will NOT win the Hitting Championship or Division monies; Hitting Championship and Division monies will be awarded to the next most deserving teams in those categories. This means we will distribute the wealth to more owners! (One thing to note: Since the Overall Champ and the Regular Season Champs can’t win the monies for their respective Divisions, Division monies will be awarded to the next deserving teams from across all divisions based on points.)

Clarification 1
If the same team is declared Overall Champ and Regular Season Champ but the next most deserving teams in these categories are different, the Overall Champ will win Overall Champ monies while the Regular Season Champ monies will be split evenly between the next most deserving teams, who will not be eligible to win monies in any other categories. However, considering Clarification 2 below, if the combined total winnings of all other categories by a 2nd place team splitting Regular Season monies is more than the amount of monies being split, the team will be awarded combined monies but not the 2nd place split monies; the 2nd place split monies will then be awarded to whoever it makes sense to give it to.

Clarification 2
If your team is not declared Overall Champ or Regular Season Champ but you are the leader in multiple categories, you will be awarded the monies in all categories you're leading unless the combined total is larger than the amount awarded to the Overall Champ or Regular Season Champ. If that happens, we did something wrong and we will need to increase the amount awarded to the Overall and Regular Season Champs.

Clarification 3
If you are declared Overall Champ and Regular Season Champ, you will not win the monies for both; however, your name will be listed as the champ for both categories on the Official SLPL Championship Coffee Mug, so you got that going for you.

The Dreaded Sam Clause

Sam Livernois ruined it for all future SLPL Champs when he was able to pay for the future college education of both of his children with the monies he raked in for 2002's SLPL. Besides winning the Overall Championship, Sam also won the Regular Season Championship and the Division 3 (Gris) Championship. When all was said and done, Sam's 2002 Stampeding Bovines made him $1,360 richer. In 2003, the SLPL instituted "The Sam Clause" which can be stated thusly: No one gets rich in this league. Stated another way: More people will get a little richer. We're spreading the wealth, baby!

Rube Clause

The Rube Clause can be summarized thusly: What Commissioner Rube Furrow says, goes. That means that, despite our best efforts to rule fairly, give payouts justly, and make sure league owners are happy campers, Commissioner Rube Furrow's word is the final word when it comes to any disputes, complaints, statistical anomalies, and payouts.

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