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Dividing Up the 2019 Pot
Current Pot Finance Update
Ownership Fees at $20 28 $560 9/30: We have re-allocated some of the trade monies to go to the lesser champs. The payouts listed are final.
Entry Fee trades at $10 224 $2,240
Extra $10 trades made 25 $250
2018 HOF Unpaid Monies $0
Entry fee awarded to 2018 Overall Champ -$100
Total Pot: $2,950
All-Star Champ(s) $125 Max Scherzer's Blue Eye (5), Samuel Lewis
Total Pot:
Regular Season Payouts* PAYOUT WHO WON $2,950
Pepino Ortiz Me Division $150 Deeger’s Dogs (21), DJay Andersen
Swing Bombers Division $150 Uncle Vanya's Morphine (6), Joe Livernois Payouts minus big champs:
Who's Blue Division $150 Seal Key Sullivans (7), Bill Cunning $1,325
Maddog's Heroes Division $150 Dongwhipped (24), Kevin Klinkhamer
Hitting Champ $175 Deeger’s Dogs (21), DJay Andersen   Total to big champs:
Pitching Champ $175 Seal Key Sullivans (7), Bill Cunning $813
Regular Season Champ** $813 Deeger’s Dogs (21), DJay Andersen
End-of-Season Payouts* PAYOUT WHO WON
Playoff Champ $125 Deeger’s Dogs (21), DJay Andersen
Overall Champ*** $813 Deeger’s Dogs (21), DJay Andersen
Post-Season Payouts* PAYOUT WHO'S AHEAD
Hall-of-Fame Death Pool** $125 Donde Esta Mi Cerveza (17), Tom Kinchus
Total Pot: $2,950
*Payouts subject to increase depending on trade activity; **Regular Season and Overall champs can only win monies for those payouts; next deserving will scrape the cash in other areas. ***Portions will sometimes be reallocated to other payouts
Past Finance Updates
4/1: Welcome to the new season! We have 28 teams and an Opening Day pot of $2,700.
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