SLPL '19 Pay Now!

Pay Now!

You Do the Math

Because PayPal charges too much per transaction when paying for "goods or services" — as much as $2.50 per transaction, which we were paying out of our pockets! — we are no longer offering a PayPal shopping cart, which means you'll have to do your own math, then pay. You can still use PayPal, but we ask that you go to their website directly and pay using the "send money to friends or family" feature, which does not cost extra per transaction. So, without a shopping cart, we'll need you to do the math yourself. Which means, calculate what you owe, then send us that amount.
  • Owner Fees — You want a team? It'll cost you $100. The first $20 covers your ownership fee and the next $80 covers your first eight trades (or more, depending on whether you earned any free trades for paying before Opening Day or for recruiting new owners).
  • Trade — After you make your first eight trades (plus any free trades you earned by paying before Opening Day or by recruiting new owners), you can pay for up to ten more. None of these ten trades, however, go into affect until the day after you submit the trade or the day after you pay for them, whichever is latest.

Payment Options

  • Pay Using PayPal - Send payment to using the "send money to friends or family" option. Please be sure to specify that this is for the SLPL. Include your name and team name and information about the trades.
  • Pay by Check — Send your non-rubbery-style checks to Joe Livernois, 502 Larkin, Monterey CA 93940. Remember, trades you make won't go into effect the day after Joe receives the check.
  • Hand Cash to Rube Furrow or Pedregoso Rios — The worst of all options, without a doubt. Why? Because you can't guarantee that Rube or Pedregoso will actually remember that you gave them the cash, especially if you hand it to them while they are sitting in a bar. Heck, if you hand it to them while sitting in a bar, chances are they'll use your monies to pay their bill. So, go with one of the other options, okay?

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