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Welcome to the 2019 Santa Lechuga Power League!

Thanks for joining the 2019 edition of the Santa Lechuga Power League! You will be happy to know:
  • We have 28 teams, a dip from recent seasons, which means the deadweight of lazy, apathetic, struggling owners from previous seasons is gone and the competition is more concentrated
  • Given the above, this should be a tough, hard-fought, awesome season!
  • We have a healthy $2800 pot to kick things off
  • Our website — you are looking at it right now — along with our stats and standings will be fully up-and-running early next week (sorry about that folks, but we're headed to Michigan for the weekend and won't be able to work on league-related things until we get back)
Here are the standings from our stats provider through yesterday's big Opening Day:

Opening Day 2

Welcome to the 2019 SLPL! Good luck. We really hope you enjoy the five-cent Tequila Poppers and our trademarked Cabbage-On-a-Stick!

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