The Best Damn Fantasy Baseball League In the Universe!

Welcome to the 2018 SLPL Power League!

Thanks for joining the 2018 edition of the Santa Lechuga Power League! You will be happy to know:
  • We have 36 owners — same as last season — including two new co-owners and at least one wayward son who has returned to the league after being gone for a season or two
  • We have a whopping $3,500 pot!
  • Given said whopping pot, the minimum payout to any champ will be $175
  • Our website — your are looking at it right now — will be up-and-running fully by the end of the weekend
  • Our stats and standings should be up-and-running by the end of the weekend, too
Here are the standings from our stats provider through yesterday's big Opening Day:


Welcome to the 2018 Santa Lechuga Power League! Good luck. We hope you enjoy the five-cent Tequila Poppers and our trademarked Cabbage-On-a-Stick!
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