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Some Administrative Stuff

With everything up and running and with you all able to navigate the site, we now need your help. Please:
  • Check your roster. Go to Standings and click the "Rosters" tab. Now, find your team and review your roster. Does it look right? Did I accidentally give you Jonah A. Arenado instead of Nolan Arenado? We ask because we had to enter each roster manually, which opens up the possibility that we made mistakes. So, if we made a mistake on your roster and gave you a wrong player, let us know ASAP. And don't rage-quit. Fixing our mistakes won't count as a trade, we promise.
  • Check your Hall-of-Fame Death Pool roster. This one is easier since we just copied-and-pasted directly from your submitted roster, but it's still a good idea to double-check.
  • Make note of your Hall-of-Fame Magic Number. There is no right or wrong here, but we want you to be aware of your Magic Number. It's the number in parentheses next to your team name. (We assigned the first 30 teams a Magic Number — a single number from 1 to 30 — based on the order in which they joined the league. So, the fifth team to join got Magic Number 5. For each remaining team, a Magic Number from 1 to 30 was drawn from a hat.
That should take care of the administrative stuff. While we continue to update our blog to point out other stuff as we think about it over the coming days, we will also try to coax a State of the League address from our commissioner, Rube Furrow.

Speaking of which, has anyone seen Rube? We heard he began a 1,000-stop 3,131-mile intercontinental pub crawl — starting in Madawaska, Maine, and ending in El Centro, California — the day after the World Series ended last year, but never heard whether he made it home.

Rube? Are you out there? Can you send us a message of some kind? We might start to get worried about you if you don't respond soon.

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