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How to: Make a Trade ... And, We Might Be Going Dark

As an owner of a shiny new 2018 Santa Lechuga team, it's important that you understand how this ol' boy of a fantasy league runs. So today we are talking about trades.

You have eight trades in the bank; you pre-paid for those when you paid your entry fees. (Wait a minute … have you paid your entry fees yet? If not, we can't process any trades for you. So, please pay your ownership entry fees, then make your trades, 'k?) You might have a couple more trades for paying before Opening Day. And maybe even more for recruiting new owners. You can use these trades any time before the end of the Regular Season. When you make a pre-paid trade it goes in effect the day after you submitted it. (Generally speaking, we aren't hard-alphas about this. If you make a trade one minute after midnight even though you tried to get it in at 11:59 pm, we're going to process it for you that same morning. The key is, make sure the trade is waiting for us when we roll out of bed in the morning.)

To submit a trade move your cursor of the Home button above, then click Make Trade. That'll take you to the nifty form. From there, fill out the form, double-check everything, then hit Submit at the bottom of the form.

Just about as easy as it sounds.

Oh, and don't forget: We don't give refunds on unused trades. So, you know, use them.

Finally, e are headed to Newport in a few hours, then heading to Kalamazoo this weekend, then to Denver early next week, so … there might be a bit of darkness around here, depending on our Internet connections along the way. As always, feel free to make trades but please understand that they may not be processed until we get back from all this travel nonsense.

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