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Baseball Furies owner Ray Jasutis formally submitted protest papers yesterday to SLPL offices.

I’d like to protest (Wednesday's) call by Joe West robbing me of a home run and those precious playoff points. Do the Santa Lechuga commissioners have what it takes to overturn that call and make it right? I’d expect you to have some clout with MLB, so I’m hoping you can help out. If you’re not interested in pursuing Joe West’s robbing one (or two) of your owners, I will be forced to pursue this on my own by calling The MLB office (recorded with their permission) about this travesty and attempt to have them overturn the call. I’m more than happy to share that recording with the commissioners and the league if you see fit. Please let me know if I have to pursue this on my own. MLB’s phone number: Customer Support toll-free number:866-800-1275 Thank you?

Unfortunately, we hold zero sway with the MLB and have zero abilities — either bureaucratically or emotionally — to deal with a formal protest. We are afraid Ray, who has written the best SLPL blog fodder of the season here, is just going to have to win the Playoffs championship hobbled by bad umpiring.

Sorry, Ray.

Oh, and yes, please do share your recording!

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