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Kathy Lamkin Crowned 2019 SLPL HOF Death Pool Champ!

Hey, look at us! We give out money when the season begins!

With the first pitch of today’s first game, Make Fantasy Baseball Great Again! owner Kathy Lamkin was officially* crowned the 2018 winner of the Phil Rizzuto Memorial Hall-of-Fame Death Pool, thereby officially closing out the 2018 season. “I would like to thank Red Schoendienst and Frank Robinson for allowing me to scrape $225 out of the pot. I didn't want them to die, but, look, we all die. I'm sure Red and Frank would be happy to know their deaths went to a good cause,” Kathy said after being crowned champ. “And before you get all mad at me for saying that, look, I'm getting ready to move. Every dollar I earn means a lot to me.”

*When we say "officially," we mean that as of right now we know of no other Hall-of-Famers who died before today’s first pitch since Frank Robinson walked into the Iowa cornfields in February. If news stories come through that someone kicked it before this afternoon’s games, we'll have to revise our officialness status and see what shakes out.

For Those Interested In Such Things
Here’s how the Hall-of-Fame Death Pool points are scored: Points are earned by subtracting the reported age of the dirt-napper at the time of his death (rounded down to the most-recent birthday) from 100 and multiplying the result by 5. So:
• An 80-year-old would get 100-80=20*5=100 points.
• A 40-year-old would get 100-40=60*5=300 points.

And here’s how the Magic Number works: The team with the Magic Number closest to the Date-of-Death (DoD) will get an extra 25 points. If that team's Magic Number matches the DoD, the team will instead get 50 extra points.

For Those Creeped Out by Such Things
Here's how we justify to ourselves having a Hall-of-Fame Death Pool: "Their major contributions to the world already behind them, baseball Hall-of-Famers will never get the glory they received on the day they were inducted into the Hall-of-Fame until their funerals. We honor living HOFers by putting them into a Death Pool and hoping they will soon receive that final glorious moment in the sun … before they are buried or cremated."

Congratulations, Kathy!
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