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Joe Buck Is Still Annoying; $10 Trade Nearly Extinct

Tip of the Ballcap to Kirby Puckett's Good Eye owner Brandon Olivarria for texting us the following shortly after the All-Star Game was broadcast on Fox:

Most Annoying Sound

And while we love, love, love the meme, we take slight issue with it. There’s no Tim McCarver. This meme would have been exponentially better if it had been created when McCarver and Buck were still in the booth together and used a picture of them together. So, technically, this is merely only the second most annoying sound in the world.

(Please don’t misunderstand us ... the only thing in the world that would be better if McCarver and Buck were still together would be this meme. Everything else in the world would be worse if they were still announcing baseball together on Fox. As in, everything.)

And with that, the SLPL moves into the second half of the Regular Season, which means the $10 trade is about to go away only to be replaced by slightly more expensive $15 trade. You can make your final $10 trades between now and the first pitch of Friday's first game, which is scheduled to start at 6:05 EST. Remember, though, if you wait until Friday to make a trade, it will not go into effect until Saturday. If you want your trades to go into effect before tomorrow’s first game, send us your trades tonight.


Now, get to checking which of the deadweight you want to remove from your rosters and replace with better, more productive players.

Thanks, again, Brandon, for the Tip of the Ballcap!

Tip of the Ballcap Standings
1. Kevin Klinkhamer (15 Tips)
2. Joe Kelly (13 Tips)
3. Joe Livernois (8 Tips)
4. Vince Livernois (6 Tips)
5. Jeren Livernois and Kyle Harmon (tied with 3 Tips)
6. Brandon Olivarria (2 Tips)
7. Sue Klinkhamer ( 1 Tip)
8. All others (tied with no Tips)

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