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The All-Star Game Is Around the Corner

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The 2019 All-Star Game is just around the corner. As a reminder of how that works:

How do I score points for the All-Star Standings?

During the Home Run Derby...
If a player on your roster wins the All-Star Home Run Derby, your team picks up 250 points

During the All-Star Game...

  • Hitters earn 150 points for every home run hit
  • Hitters lose 25 points for every K
  • Pitchers earn 25 points for every K
  • Pitchers lose 75 points for every homer surrendered

The team with the most combined points — Home Run Derby points plus All-Star Game points — will win the All-Star Championship.

BTW, points earned in this category are allocated exclusively to the All-Star Standings and are not allocated to the Overall Standings.

Incidentally, if you want to make trades to ensure you have players competing int he Home Run Derby, you have to submit your trade before 11:59 pm Sunday. If you want players before the All-Star Game, you need to submit the trades by 11:59 pm Monday.

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