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Turns Out, Apologies Are Due

The always-competitive DJay Andersen, owner of Deeger's Dogs, sent us a cordial message late last night calling our attention to something that would have slipped past our radar had he not caught it. He said: "Hey guys. I made a trade for Pete Alonso of the Mets. It was processed ok but for some reason his points are not registering on my totals. Please check for me and let me know Thank you."

Mind you, DJay only recently made the trade, but he's paying close enough attention that he could tell that Alonso's -4 points (before yesterday's dinger) weren't showing up in his totals. That must be why DJay is described as "always-competitive," right?

Anyways, he was right, Alonso was on his roster but his points weren't registering.

Turns out, when the chowderheads in the league (a.k.a., me) made the transaction we accidentally made Alonso "Reserve" rather than "Active," which, like, we never do.

Or, so we thought.

Turns out, we did do it three other times this season, putting players on Reserve rather than Active, which means points for those players were accumulating but never showing up in the teams' totals. Here are the teams affected:

I have since made all these players active, but the points won't show up until tomorrow's standings. Jack Tripp's Who's Your Padre will see the biggest jump in points since Vogelback has scored 82 (previously not showing) points for him.

Apologies, folks, for this mistake. And thanks, DJay, for your eagle eyes!

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